Glass Curvers

The focus of  Glass Curvers is to provide the glass industry with exclusive options to satisfy the skilled architects and designers of today. How we achieve this is by offering our knowledge, products and services that are the culmination of 25 years of committed service to the glass and associated industries.

Glass Curvers have perfected some of the most difficult and elaborate procedures in the glass industry to date, we manufacture our glass to precise measurements using one of the largest capacity glass bending furnaces in operation world-wide. We process our glass with high tech machinery and also hands on custom made glass tools. This enables us to produce very high quality products and out-perform much larger organisations, as we are quality based.

We have been in operation in Perth since 2005. Our product range is as diverse as your imagination. We have nearly 1000 bends under our belt and growing with every challenge.

Please refer to the gallery for some examples of our work, or if you wish to speak to us directly, please contact us.

Glass Curvers               

Factory & Office
3 / 38 Frobisher Street
Osborne Park WA 6017

T +618 9201 1058
F +618 9201 1899

Lynda Genovesi 0423 310 092